Our digital world graces us with immediacy. Social media manufactures the most fabulous façades. The best way to understand someone is to communicate face to face. The time taken to paint from life is a unique opportunity to understand a person’s spirit.

The FAÇeADE project proposes to understand our community through painted portraits. What will the collection of portraits say about us? My exhibition of these portraits intends to weaken façades and strengthen similarities.

Everyone has a story. I am looking for models who have the patience and willingness to pose for a portrait and tell their story. An ideal painting session consists of multiple 20 minute poses divided by relaxing breaks. A comfortable session typically lasts three hours but we can adjust this around your schedule. I request at least two sessions as well as your input from topics of conversation. Your portrait and story will join the FAÇeADe Project as a piece of the puzzle that defines our community.