• 2017
    Oil on Linen
    40 x 30"

    This man fought the Viet Cong. We were strolling through the Chatachuk Market in Bangkok and found him. He was pitching the sale of Ganesha, the Hindu Elephant god who destroys barriers. I was considering buying him so this man went into a full explanation of how his amulets (around his neck) has saved him from being shot by the Viet Cong. He showed us his scar where the bullets had missed him. I hesitated and walked away.
    Something made me go back to his stall. He was happily playing his Chinese violin. 80 years old and so very very happy. Ganesha now has a place of honor above my easel. One soul I will never ever forget!
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  • 2017
    Charcoal on bond 

    Yang is the self described "Mayor of Sentosa Island." I met him in Singapore and asked him to sit for me. We talked for about four hours about his Chinese Singaporean childhood while looking out of our 26th floor window overlooking Clarke Key. 
    Yang is the first of my drawings and paintings of people I have met along the way. The image is as important to me as the stories told.
  • Oil on Linen
    37 x 48"

    Trouvaille. Something lovely discovered by chance. My first solo journey was to Bali where I had the pleasure of spending two days driving with Agung Tirta. I had arrived hoping to absorb Balinese culture and art while sightseeing.
    I chose Sopadilla for my lodging because of reviews sympathetic to women travellers. It was the first time I felt old since most visitors are on their honeymoon. One look at me and the staff redirected my request for scooter rental to hiring a driver. Along came Agung.
    Their concerns became obvious as I made my way into Ubud that evening. Add a gawking tourist to the insane scooter traffic and you have disaster. Tourism has devoured the culture of Bali. Millions of foreigners strain the infrastructure while challenging the ancient culture.
    Agung and I traded stories while driving around the island. He said he had never left Bali, “why would I want to?” He learned English by driving tourists around the island. He is 6 years my senior and does not expect to live another 10 years. His early life consisted of hard manual labor but now he enjoys showing off the island. Our lives could not have been more different.
    Agung told me Balinese only wear their jewelry for formal occasions. I assumed he noticed my moms pinky ring that I never take off. My response was that I wear family heirlooms for strength. My father left my mother with five children for another woman. His response, “We would NEVER do something like that!”
    He withleld the fact that he owns the hotel Sapodilla. The staff told me that he snuck in a tourist drive. His son now runs the hotel and wants him to retire. Such Trouvallie! Lucky me for catching this ride.
    Agung Tirta
  • Oil on Linen
    28 x 38"

    Trouvaille. Something lovely discovered by chance.
    Beautiful Febri works at the Hotel Sapodilla in Ubud, Bali. Hosts for my first solo exploration in Southeast Asia. Florida tourism pales in comparison to the throngs of tourists invading Bali. The Balinese thank the Gods for good fortune by placing offerings on their doorways.
    Ubud is Bali's center of art, music and theater. Balinese paintings had little color until westerners came to visit. The image of creatures in a trance are iconic. Legong dance is a classic Hindu struggle between good and evil. Dancers wear fresh flower head dresses and elaborate costumes. Gamelan music accompanies Legong and is integral to Balinese culture.
    No matter how beautiful your music, art and theater it will not continue without an audience. The palace near where Margaret Mead studied the Balinese culture offers English classes. Your room comes complete with plastic water bottles. Too many people tax the infrastructure. Yet the island and people share their beauty with grace. My first visit left me feeling like a lucky outsider looking in. I can't wait to visit again.
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