• 2006
    39 x 31" framed
    Graphite on 300 lb. paper


    Here is the struggle between structure and the spirit; mother and daughter. The wing and leaf are free to fly. The caged hearts are anxious to be freed.This drawing was made during my mom’s open heart surgery. The incredible surgeon opened her ribs and repaired the structure that held her life. The illusive spirit is dependent on it’s structure yet it strives to escape. Similar to the relationship between a daughter and a mother.




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  • 2007
    30.5 x 38" framed
    Graphite on 300lb. paper

    Nests keep appearing around my house. The birds have taken bits of screen left over from hurricane reconstruction and dog hair and sticks to make their nests. I have drawn the screw pine tree outside my studio that makes a nest for me as I work. The convoluted trunk looks like an animal. It grows and sheds with the storms and seasons but hugs my front window like my own nest.

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  • QIAN


    Silverpoint on zinc ground

    22 x 30"


    Before there were letters and words the Chinese made ideographs. Qian is the first ideograph of the i Ching. Qian means "the creative," or heaven. I have incorporated markings and images from my life as symbols of growth, chi and sun. 

    QIAN detail
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