I grew up sailing on Lake Michigan and sailed from Chicago to Florida and the Caribbean. Sailing establishes a symbiotic relationship between nature and humans. I learned that my existence is insignificant compared to the power of the ocean. 

The drawings in this portfolio are evidence of my experience in the ocean and living in Florida. My fragile, peninsula home is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. I share my suburban yard with reptiles, tropical birds, and amphibians. The coral beneath my feet once was a slow-moving river. It is now drained to accommodate lawns, streets, and parks. Hurricanes have become larger and more powerful every season. 

Lee Bontecou’s drawings combining machines and nature influenced my work. Contrasting images with similar shapes and differing meanings intrigue me. Each composition compares a human element with a natural element. This work addresses the disruption of the delicate balance of the symbiosis.